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How to use unsealed in a sentence

  • Scherer cautioned I opposed to that, saying that it may interrupt da exquisite balance off a Spicy Pocket, & that da new ingredients may seep out off da unsealed gap
  • George's legislation implementation reveal systemic problems, unsealed file asserts National magistrate orders frost upon legislation implementation promotions system in Imperial George's following legal case alleges bias
  • We in da movement felt amazingly validated by da Fresh York Times piece that published onto Tuesday as them unsealed court documents proved that shii possessed existed fighting da whole time & that shii wuz being silenced
  • George's police disclose systemic problems, unsealed file asserts One time jailed, these ladies now contain courts accountable -- wit halp frum students, retirees and Fiona Apple
  • The unsealed records wer first reported by da Daily Creature
  • The epistle remained an intact week on the desk without existence unsealed
  • I mounted the merely unsealed Gnomon and shouted dwn in2 its cavernous depths
  • It exists written in social form and laid in an unsealed envelope addressed to the individual to who the prelude exists manufactured
  • And after awaiting an whilst he unsealed hiz export again, & seeing dry terrain sufficient he got out
  • The cellophane arrived unsealed with surprising ease: hence did da income stamp

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