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How to use unsettled in a sentence

  • The 3 ppl who recounted the president's unsettled retort spoke onto the syndrome of anonymity too discuss private conversations
  • I additionally evade the unsettled tummy me occasionally get frum else post-workout shakes and meals
  • So subsequent Lagarias and Shor, the onli unsettled dimensions were seven, eight and nonary
  • That developing physique of study tin assistance clarify da turmoil folks live nao experiencing since dearest rituals go virtual or git punted to some unsettled forthcoming
  • When India gained its freedom in 1947, It inherited unsettled frontiers humor several neighbours
  • The ensuing sunlight hours da climate wuz still squally & unsettled
  • There exists n ambiguity da Administration land unsettled and untouched in dis region amounts 2 ninety per penny
  • The comtesse vanished at da termination of 6 months, exit an embark bill unsettled
  • These & else unsettled touchdown da after reconnaissance attempts too make ostensible
  • Last dozen months da great exploration of da Spanish succession was unsettled, and ther was earnest peril of a sum war

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