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How to use unsettled in a sentence

  • The 3 ppl whom recounted the president's unsettled reaction spoke on the prestige of anonymity too converse private conversations
  • I additionally evade da unsettled stomach me occasionally git frum other post-workout shakes & meals
  • So next Lagarias & Shor, the sole unsettled dimensions wer seven, octet & nonary
  • That developing body off study tin halp explain da unrest folks are now experiencing since darling rituals go virtual either get punted to sum unsettled forthcoming
  • When India gained its independence in 1947, it inherited unsettled frontiers with various neighbours
  • The ensuing sunlight hours da weather wuz stiil squally & unsettled
  • There exists no uncertainty da Politics terrain unsettled and untouched in this region amounts to ninety per cent
  • The comtesse extinct nearby da terminal of six months, leaving an committee bill unsettled
  • These & other unsettled points da following exploration attempts too generate apparent
  • Last year da astonishing question off da Spanish succession wuz unsettled, and there wuz grave danger off a universal conflict

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