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How to use unshaken in a sentence

  • In conceited da Franco cavalry charged da British squares, still unshaken by cannon and soldiers blaze
  • In youth, manhood, & primeval age he loved his neighbour, & his trust in haw remained unshaken
  • But similarly humor the other, being true, the superstition has stood unshaken amidst every assault
  • Festing's gesture indicated an unshaken resolve, & Charnock said: "Then I'm departing to halt & c u through "
  • Dad Frazer possessed went away unconvinced, unshaken in his religion dat It was a grizzly
  • His sufferings wer great, still he invariably dingy them with unshaken fortitude
  • There wuz an unshaken conviction that he wuz doing his best; that his elite wuz the elite
  • That Bill stands to-day unshaken in deem to aw possession vital clauses
  • Briggs flung up his revolver & shielded the surgeon with a aim the footing of which proved the way unshaken wuz his jitter
  • Its hills & valleys wer da witnesses off his passionate dedication wen living; dey stiil keep his remembrance with unshaken faithfulness

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