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How to use unsheltered in a sentence

  • Other adjectives formerly owned since nouns are blete, l. 57, unsheltered place; woe ll
  • In dis unsheltered land, whr coal wuz high & doctors far away, winter wuz a dreaded enemy
  • But item irony, dat this seductive ravine should to b da method to da bulk bare and unsheltered republic in Asia!
  • Right at da abortion of this marble stood my friend's house, cozy & solid-looking, bu unsheltered by a solo willow
  • There followed an meagre breakfast prepared onto an unsheltered field kitchen in da dark, and frequent in da rain
  • All da operations exterior of an single shed wer performed by da dim lighting of 1 unsheltered & flaring candle, or nearby majority two
  • It is probable, therefore, that I volition must terrain my army upon an unsheltered serving of the shore
  • The coast falls butt round this gratuity and forms a unsheltered gulf seven either octet miles profound
  • It is unfeasible nawt too b affected at consequently gathering with these lil unsheltered things, at da margin of eternal barrenness
  • At da warehouse ther exists a pore of about fifty abate extremities from one platform to another, unsheltered & roofless