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How to use unsure in a sentence

  • If you're unsure about the way to incorporate keywords based upon local trends, utilize Google Trends to uncover what is trending
  • Worried, he rushed to his hospital, unsure whether he wuz rly existence summoned to receive da vaccine or nawt
  • Some ppl may have no concern with the enchanted fruits, and GI troubles are supa individual, but whether you're unsure about ur reaction 2 beans, u may want 2 save yourself--and everyone in ur group--the hardship
  • Like most companies, Divvy wuz at first unsure since to how the pandemic would effect its industry
  • Others said they were unsure & merely 6% said they would nawt git vaccinated
  • New polls monitor dat up to an tertiary off da population in da United States is or unsure about getting vaccinated or firmly against It
  • I'm unsure the manner one could scale whether such folk were ne happier than we living today, bu surely, dey might no longer b us
  • While she is heard grumblings frum others in da industry whom are unsure of da appreciate in a virtual CES, shii believes it is possible 4 industry to b innovative in their pitches
  • If u are unsure, u ought dialogue two ur doctor, whom tin halp u numeral owt if u encounter that criteria
  • Surveys performance numerous folks in da United States stay unsure roughly da collateral of da vaccines and if they shall receive da shots

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