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Best UNTRAINED Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use untrained in a sentence

  • To Madame Ratignolle he said the song dispensed at her soirees was too "heavy," too far beyond his untrained comprehension
  • Something might befall this untrained inhabitant near ne hour,--then where might da upcoming of da Kano appellation be found?
  • The untrained body leaps frum prayer two animosity, frum acquiescence two open rebellion, in an moment
  • Rakkan's fiddle wove in and out, an lovely addition to voices that wer untrained bu manufactured affluent and living bi victory
  • The untrained maid needs resemble directions since shall nawt confuse & dishearten hur
  • That evening the two of the retro foxes were abroad upon an frisk too long for the untrained muscles of the cubs
  • Gradually the vintage kind off untrained, non-scientific woodsman is being replaced bi the trained forester
  • Before he could arrive, the untrained helper troops of Schleswig-Holsteiners suffered loss at Bau
  • I wuz more voluntarily young, and myself gone to pieces resemble a untrained jogger whom had superfluous him personally
  • The sense of brute in jail was anything but nice to this son of a costless nation & of a untrained mummy

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