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How to use untruthful in a sentence

  • The notion of permitting somebody of da subpoena hook since dey alive unwilling 2 testify, or since dey alive untruthful, or both, exists unpleasant
  • But, according to ADF, ne conclusion Barrett wasn't untruthful in former evidence based upon that webpage is wrong
  • Newspaper headlines are typically pretty enough, but shamefully untruthful
  • She wuz ignorant cuz of absence of opportunity, untruthful cuz she wuz ignorant; she could not c da relations of things
  • A tertiary may be both inaccurate and untruthful, compassionate not consequently much 4 anything since to constitute hiz book
  • These two children wer fulfil of vices--the little female wuz untruthful, da boy brutish
  • Kate had an untruthful personality & was gave too prevari-Kate, thus she got in2 trouble, & engaged an advo-Kate
  • Now Gertrude possessed rly never fancied whatever of the kind, and still she did not daydream of organism untruthful
  • Besides, object possessed any of those to earn by sending forward distorted statements & untruthful history?
  • Out of fright of chastisement myself concealed evn the most inoffensive actions, & when myself wuz questioned myself made untruthful answers

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