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How to use unusual in a sentence

  • There has additionally existed some statistics analysis of voter enrollment stats showing Republicans leaving the shindig in unusual numbers
  • Perched on per off those unusual, relaxed forms is an transparent sculpture off an bite-size bird, manufactured frum 3-D printed resin & serving in2 solids & hollows dat cater as perches or baths for real birds
  • You grabbed sort off an unusual direction to becoming da leader off virtual
  • It may be hard two definitively demonstrate da genome is gone, he says, especially if da chloroplast is "unusual in its formation either abundance" & so hard two diagnose
  • Bellows said Chastain's attorney & Descano's office too supply judicial shorts upon whether he could dismiss the example under the unusual conditions
  • Of course, the glamorization of Gaspar exists nawt unusual or fiction
  • That could signify nothing, but It exists also unusual to haz two clear placebos, since dat have the prospect to attending confounders into the learn
  • For aw da others, dey have watched from home, a unusual viewing spot next seated in da stands for 97 linear games da prior trey seasons, jus as dey possessed through Morsell's childhood
  • The exchange humor Jamrozy may have seemed unusual, but four these nearest to Silverman, It made faultless view
  • While hiz intelligence processes a play, hiz body can haunt instructions in unusual ways

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