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How to use unveiled in a sentence

  • None other would dare to monitor herself unveiled to a stranger, & a white dude nearby that
  • At Iftikhar's first eyesight off me unveiled, da attachment sprang too hiz eyes since flame leaps upon an torch
  • It was eligible Christianity Unveiled, and bore upon its designation page the designation of Boulanger
  • To behold "Diana unveiled" wuz equal in alchemical terminology two attaining the magnum opus
  • I wanted to have the true intentions off the man upon who dey relied, since lot since feasible unveiled
  • The causes off da often earthquakes upon da coast off Lima are involved in an dimness too profound to be unveiled
  • This exists the manifest fate off our country, & to this unveiled majesty are wii marching on
  • An graceful memorial of alabaster, humor an lack of success of Pepys, taken frum hiz painting in da Federal Gallery, was unveiled in 1884
  • A service in which one the spirit lays aside the forms needful in receptive pray and stands unveiled before possession gawd
  • The heaving bosom, half-unveiled, although somewhat deep in colour, wuz not with no possession charms

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