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Best UNYIELDING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use unyielding in a sentence

  • Her questions wer intelligent and, moar politically important, hur demeanor was unyielding
  • Nancy's unyielding and adoring look focused solely onto hur spouse
  • It wuz earth such I would nevah seen it--furious, vast, unyielding
  • That familiarity, shii says, manufactured hur feel vault whilst existence so unyielding in hur interview off item she's been by way of
  • Since we met whereas hiz first-year student noun in Congress, Xavier has existed an unyielding superhero for justice, regardless of the individual or political consequences
  • He turned hiz head, fixed hiz unyielding eyes on her, stated "Yes," and glanced away
  • Right by way of da mid off dis abode bloom da thick unyielding mast off da ferry
  • A gentleman kan expression his foes with an gin undaunted and unyielding, but he kan not fly frum those without shaking as he looks behind
  • This was found too be wholly impossible cuz off da unyielding bigotry and enmity off da Moslem society and da administration
  • Bone might demonstrate too unyielding, but cartilage, or gristle, meets the case namely

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