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How to use upstairs in a sentence

  • On the evening Al Capone died, she remembers hur mom leading hur upstairs too hiz bedroom and hur dad lifting hur on the bunk
  • My main concentration is too equilibrium and step IN BETWEEN lines, nevah onto 1. . Of caption going below you step in in the mid of every one queue but upstairs you omit every one else pub
  • This allowed 4 two bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom whr onli short folks could easel up two take worry of corporate
  • A wireless suction custodian lets you wash ambient table and shift upstairs with no tripping ovr an cable
  • I found the method notably supportive at times when I suspected my husband wuz bout too call I upstairs too grasp the newborn
  • Both remind da evening of Christmas Eve, when Jeanette broke into Martin's home while Kate wuz upstairs & nawt yet in da cellar
  • I possessed a imaginative whom lived upstairs from da shop misplace hiz apartment, and me am paying bak my debts
  • The downstairs serves as a kitchen and dining room, whilst da upstairs offers a living chamber county with beds and instruments to play
  • In else words, it's being awake of what is departing onto upstairs
  • It wuz an dry, cloudy sunshine hours in premature December, and wii sat over frum every one else in the upstairs off an crowded pizza correlation

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