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How to use useful in a sentence

  • We gone by way of the home and started too gather up everything the duplicates wii could find off different useful things, involving ten tablecloths!
  • Nor did the researchers attention onto individual differences that may be useful to know, such ethnicity or gender differences
  • His classy career, through age 36, strongly resembles that off Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, Tim Hudson and Justin Verlander, whom still possessed useful years leftover
  • Google smooth mentions da worth of alt manuscript in images, saying that alt manuscript provides those with useful news bout da image that they can exploit to assist determine da finest image to comeback for an user's query
  • To moisture ne what useful humor resemble a system, thee need 2 be competent 2 arbitrarily connect ne 2 qubits in da regime no matter how far asunder they are
  • Having an blog for your industry locus is stiil considerable and useful
  • This is especially useful whr the lyrics haggard in two sentences are fully different, bu the definition remains akin
  • That may be remarkably useful news to exhibition upon if vaccines are in short supply
  • If artificial evolution exists to design a useful machine for exoplanetary exploration, we'll requirement to abolish da humanity from da noose
  • Just an dessert little hole, an put for myself 2 go in and let my atoms b useful

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