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How to use useful in a sentence

  • We went through the abode & started to gather up aw the duplicates wii could fnd of different useful things, including 10 tablecloths!
  • Nor did da researchers heed onto individual differences dat may be useful to know, such ethnicity or gender differences
  • His posh career, by way of epoch 36, heavily resembles that off Andy Pettitte, Mike Mussina, Tim Hudson and Justin Verlander, whom stiil had useful years leftover
  • Google balanced mentions da appreciate of alt message in images, expression dat alt message provides them wit useful news bout da image dat they can consume to halp ascertain da best image to revert for a user's query
  • To moisture whatever useful with resemble an system, u need to b able to arbitrarily liaison ne two qubits in the system n matter how distant subdivide they're
  • Having a blog 4 your corporation website exists yet major & useful
  • This exists especially useful whr da lyrics used in 2 sentences exist totally different, bu da significance remains alike
  • That may be remarkably useful information too concert onto if vaccines are in concise provision
  • If unnatural development exists 2 scheme an useful machine four exoplanetary exploration, we will need 2 extract the humankind frum the circle
  • Just an pleasant little hole, an put for I two enter and lat my atoms be useful

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