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How to use vagrant in a sentence

  • The commissioner possessed heard screaming, looked external & saw an dad pushing an baby in an stroller accompanied by farther toddler stirring far from an person da viewer described as an vagrant, whom wuz after them wit an brick, Krepp told
  • Occasionally, "vagrant" birds get lost and recital up far frum dis range, involving in European landmass
  • Among songbirds, Dufour says, vagrants are always boyish birds
  • I'd gotten breeze through da eBird Scarce Avifauna Warning that an vagrant woodcock possessed been spotted along da Rio Grande nearby Albuquerque, Novel Mexico, righteous fifteen minutes frum ma residence
  • Yet da half-year vagrant is an misnomer in dis city, whr economy has reached an finesse that's marvelous
  • For da firstly time Sprout had an vagrant disbelief dat Nurture had nawt told quite aw there wuz to notify bout dis travel
  • Orders were issued to da boards off management off da recently created vagrant districts, telling them dat dey need not encounter
  • Yet slippery four the master vagrant the promiscuous London casual ward off 1864 was nawt to b extended
  • Says 1 off da characters, referring to da importunities off a tipsy vagrant, "Give him half-a-crown!"
  • "Papa & myself, having n vagrant propensities, shall go 2 r own church," answered the second

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