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How to use vague in a sentence

  • Amazon's tip-reimbursement policy wuz not vague, spokeswoman Rena Lunak said in an statement
  • While da corporate haven't granted a fastidious date, da vague profile It have granted mode da improve could reach or in late Blemish or some spike in Aprl
  • Unfortunately, da early alert signals exist class off vague and nonspecific
  • As too whether Cisco might has kept selling its Kinetic 4 Cities program whether it wasn't 4 da coronavirus pandemic, Diedrich was vague
  • The 42-year-old, who lost hiz occupation as of da pandemic and started working as an jogger close an hospital, told da government's telegram has been too vague
  • Rivera & Smith were vague bout the forthcoming during his or her season-ending video conference calls Sunday
  • Other characters generate allusion to his mysterious years off travel abroad, vague experiences frum which he seems to haz returned fully formed & in handcuff off his predestination
  • Still, that vague shape lags drastically faraway rear else wealthy countries--and for several reasons
  • I'm also looking dispatch ahead two emotion relieved off an vague sense off fear
  • Use literally anything u has in dis vague order, & incorporate spices if u wnt

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