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How to use vamp in a sentence

  • Chain 1, an double in every double over vamp, narrowing in the midst and at expire
  • We the two slipped off in2 da crowd and since shortly since wii encountered r preliminary vamp, wii the two said, loudly, "Bite chomp snack chomp bite!"
  • The vamp was a girl, tiny, so short I idea shii was really young, bu shii must haz been 17 or eighteen frum her cheek and da grin
  • He sitting down to vamp an strange accompaniment indifferently, bu Marie wuz nawt listening for da accompaniment
  • I cogitate she is,--not a silly vamp, that the girls jest about,--but the real thing!
  • Lois Miller wuz not a vamp bi resolution but bi force off conditions
  • Nancy is one of these smart, refined society women whom wants to triumph bak hur husband frum an baby vamp
  • Together with the repose off the Recital Girls I vamp & slouch ma wei around the watch with ever increasing seductiveness
  • Everything in order: straps & legs, upper, vamp, heel & sole?
  • There is n different clarification possible bu that Christianity is an re-vamp either re-establishment off Budhism

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