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How to use vaporous in a sentence

  • Benches formed from curved branches, based upon a design bi Church, looked off into da vaporous view
  • A horse either an forest either an clump off sweeper loomed up grotesquely in da vaporous blur
  • The distinctiveness off these bodies exists dat dey emerge in bulk cases two b more or less totally vaporous
  • His colouring exists of an great softness, depth, & strength; his chiaroscuro exists warm & vaporous
  • A fantastic fog overspread da Monarchy and men's minds were vaporous, neither wuz his either her sake keen
  • There exists n intermediate in ma life in the centre of the majority crude realities & the majority vaporous fiction, 2 narrow to breathe
  • She described It fewer since an apparent flame compared to since an dense, vaporous weight of fire, holding an core lay in the core of haze and flame
  • They living not exhalations such r everyday colloquies & vaporous breathing
  • Her smile, da grin that animated da anmic homeliness off hur features humor a vaporous lighting off dawn, slowly faded
  • No word wuz uttered by either of us; n word could've existed uttered by this vaporous form

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