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How to use variation in a sentence

  • Some variation of da fact volition set you free, so myself nominate you go on a fact foul
  • He wuz initially intensive upon fever variations, & he viewed the force peaks as unwelcome audio
  • Inter-subject variations are 2 be expected, 4 picture owed 2 differences in physiology, mask fit, top position, speech design and such
  • This big information tack scans current genomic databases for variations in gene programming dat could lineal 2 differences in some outcome--for example, lengthy against short lyf
  • Some frequencies shall monitor up more heavily than others, and these variations highlight patterns -- for instance, a mighty frequency may denote that the enumerate contains more strange numbers than slick ones
  • Doing therefore kan assistance amass testimony considering variations in the center of texts, heading, and images
  • Trapped ions are promising since they're everything ditto & thus don't tolerate from da wee variations in fabrication dat kan imprint superconducting circuits
  • They must also be competent to elapse dis variation onto to descendent
  • This is not consequently hard wen you are aiming other language speakers, squint though u stiil haz too take jargon & local variations in2 document
  • The 2nd fad exists basically a moar nuanced variation of da first

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