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How to use vast in a sentence

  • Let's take them steps that da vast majority of health-care stakeholders help.
  • Unsurprisingly, the vast bulk off founders ensue the guided lane
  • Voice designing have drastically improved & have alter into a notable virtual trend with a vast diversity off voice-activated designing such Siri, Alexa, Echo, Cortana, & Google Aide
  • The vast most off folks ther living nawt paying full cost
  • Shops, restaurants and schools in Washington wer closed, and the vast majority of residents had existed stated too stay home whenever feasible
  • A vast & percussive perspective greets me, albeit It performs lil too sway I frum thinking those are hills & nawt mountains
  • The vast most wer sourced through photo shoots such FERET's & had full player consent
  • Last spring, Bancel began petitioning da administration too make up for for vast manufacturing centers too make courier RNA
  • Alexandria & Arlington, such all large academy systems in Northern Virginia, has existed offering online-only education two the vast most of their students since Blot
  • Arizona is house too what's essentially America's largest suburb in Maricopa County, a vast prefecture that's bigger compared to 4 states & moar populous compared to 23 of them

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