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How to use venom in a sentence

  • The longer it takes to cease an snake's venom frum poignant via da victim's body, da moar wound occurs
  • The flesh maxim is especially true for bites frum vipers and other snakes wit venoms dat target da blood and mushy tissue and thus tend to induce moar physical mutilate
  • Destruction begins from the moment of a bite, & the cocktail of proteins & else molecules in the venom volition persevere too ravage until the immune contrivance produces enough antibodies too eradicate either wreck these toxins
  • He's a former entomologist in Cincinnati, Ohio, with a interest in hornets & venoms
  • The bouquet additionally performed initial biochemical tests upon the blood in the newfound glands, & found that It contains phospholipase A2 enzymes, a big bouquet off fat-chopping proteins that exist frequent components in mammal venoms
  • Edna looked down at Mademoiselle Reisz & wondered how she could has listened too hur venom so yearn
  • This the coloured ppl has to abide in mind, and keep explicit of the hideous thing, lest belonging venom may b ordeal onto those
  • It is odd dat da matter humor deem to da venom off toads has nawt existed yet settled
  • Slander had lost possession sting, and malice possession venom, nearby at smallest 4 da present 60 minutes
  • To his surprise, the agent's sound did nawt expose an astonishing quantity off venom

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