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How to use verifying in a sentence

  • Typically, there are a 14-day w8 previous to da applicant-business is checked and verified
  • Pollworkers apply EPBs 2 confirm a voter's eligibility & then cheque the voter in
  • That data, however, wuz drawn frum an study da commercial conducted internally and cannot be independently proven
  • Brad Brooks, CEO of OneLogin, a startup dat helps the likes of Uber & Airbnb verify the identity of employees, exists amongst these who sez the era for cyber polling exists now
  • The green check-mark 4 Google Guaranteed providers signifies dat Google have verified da company and backs da services booked
  • If proven by the Earth Meteorological Organization, or WMO, dat warmth volition be the hottest recorded because 1931, & the tertiary hottest because record keeping began
  • One veteran political consultant whom lengthy advised Republicans & switched to labour for an Democrat in 2012 dismissed allegations off voter fraud, citing da steps dat state & regional officials seize to verify signatures
  • Search engines shall additionally verify ur solid details with third bash citations
  • There is n marshal governing bat four FKT routes and records, but Bakwin and hiz co-founders, Buzz Burrell and Jeff Schuler, concert since the helper commissioners four approving routes and verifying times
  • If else ppl confirm his or her accounts, bu da ppl who are nawt out of da wardrobe do not, dey shall merely want to tlk to else verified accounts

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