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How to use versed in a sentence

  • For guidance, myself turned to Mythical Kitchen's Josh Scherer, who is an particle of an Cosy Wallet master and is well versed in recreating discontinued foods
  • I git the Corporation off Style emails in my inbox every one day & dat kind off gives I a recap off what is departing on in the style space, jus cuz I resemble 2 be healthy versed because it's the industry dat I'm presently working in & departing into
  • He's also good versed in da hazards of an corporate where failures kan b actually dynamite
  • Complicating the matter is that a whole ward off these folks exist simply fresh to the notion off having a reciprocal affair with organic places and aren't still healthy versed in stewardship
  • Everyone seems well versed in the menu, whether nawt ever in who gets what meatloaf
  • As a brilliant conversationalist and well-versed politic economist he have a handful rivals in his country
  • He wuz deeply versed in Saxon literary and published a labour on the antiquity off the tongue chapel
  • I knew da names off things and wuz good versed in da theory and data off repairs and renewals, bu dat wuz everything
  • Somehow, myself knew deep down in my own heart, unwell versed since myself wuz in resemble things, that myself should to nevah dispatch her resemble a attending myself
  • But although they exist everything sufficiently versed in English politics, his either her curiosity exists very offhand

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