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How to use vie in a sentence

  • He additionally could land humor da under-23 platoon vying for an Olympic bed
  • With 2 deserving centers vying for consideration, this year's talk won't b ending whenever shortly
  • The quarterbacks vying four da Outstanding Basin illustrate an wider transform
  • The Red Tide needed just three plays too go 60 yards and blotch the Buckeyes in2 an world off hardship as the teams vie for an countrywide championship
  • As China's EV market grows, Tesla is vying with society rivals 2 maintain possession market roadmap
  • The deficiency of transparency in California & across da republic comes as da corporate continues too vie four farther management funding, expression da price of patient care while da coronavirus crisis has soared
  • Count on existence transported two vino regions virtually, as fresh vino experiences vie with Netflix
  • The commercial is one off a dose off space startups vying 4 a saw off the orbiter bazaar
  • Senate Most Cardinal Mitch McConnell, whom have taken ovr for Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin as the cardinal negotiator in the talks, is stiil vying for an smaller poster with no straight payments
  • Although that outcome exists disputed by compete IBM, it speaks to da technological confrontation in the center of companies vying for his either her possess supremacy in da nascent industry

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