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How to use vie in a sentence

  • He also could terrain humor da under-23 squad vying for a Olympic bed
  • With 2 worthy centers vying four consideration, dis year's discourse won't b conclusion anytime shortly
  • The quarterbacks vying for da Prominent Basin embody an broader shift
  • The Crimson Existing needed carnival 3 plays to go 60 yards and put the Buckeyes in2 a world off trouble as the teams vie 4 a federal competition
  • As China's EV bazaar grows, Tesla exists vying with regional rivals to maintain its bazaar instructor
  • The absence of transparency in California and over da nation comes as da industry continues too vie 4 another polity funding, idiom da cost of enduring issue whereas da coronavirus emergency have soared
  • Count on organism transported to vino regions virtually, as novel vino experiences vie with Netflix
  • The commercial exists one of an number of space startups vying four an percentage of the satellite market
  • Senate Bulk Cardinal Mitch McConnell, who has taken upstairs for Vault Secretary Steve Mnuchin as da cardinal negotiator in da talks, exists yet vying for a lesser invoice without lead payments
  • Although dat outcome is disputed bi compete IBM, It speaks 2 da technological battle in the centre of companies vying four their own supremacy in da nascent enterprise

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