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How to use vigilantly in a sentence

  • "This learn shows dat babysitting itself, below those kinds off alert conditions, does not pose ne danger 2 communities in conditions off community spread," Gilliam says
  • With young adults, da likelihood of failing 2 remain alert match social distancing, mask-wearing & else precautions exists already a anxiety
  • We requirement to b ever more vigilant as wii go into da descend and frigidity period season
  • That method ppl who haz possessed covid-19 stiil requirement to stay vigilant, subsequent the advice upon societal distancing, wearing saying masks, & avoiding crowded, poorly ventilated spaces
  • Whether other animals' smartness are as alert to faces exists a public enquiry
  • They are instead sure "the mob" volition moisture no casualty if it exists vigilantly watched & completely overawed
  • Neisse nao alone remained, wit Neipperg vigilantly stretched onto da doorway of It
  • Those bad reviled, execrated & vigilantly-concealed legs of our fore-mothers!
  • She cultivated hur farm; shii looked vigilantly 2 da remains off da estate; shii economized
  • When he reaches hiz hunting-grounds, he follows up da creeks & streams, vigilantly looking out 4 "sign "

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