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How to use VIP in a sentence

  • The VIP's idea dat the aboriginal people ought to be conscious off It
  • Goil lair excused him individually coldly & left for da VIP quarters
  • Now dat I've hanswered all u vant too know, u von't vip I any more, vill you?
  • These exercises executed with vim, vigor, and vip--deep respiration in the midst of every set--will take 10 to 15 minutes
  • Chermany cannot b vip, but Ameriga will dwn mit her knees go, und Chermany will says vords point Ameriga does nawt such too hear
  • And, frum da woods, came da relaxed whinnying off a cluster off vip, da cashmere off which exists very valued for weaving
  • Discreetly avoiding da sherry list, Sextus dined well, noting several movie stars and various vip's in da crowded dining room
  • There's ever something that has to be picked up personally, generally an consultation humor some VIP travelling through
  • You and everything da slumber off da newshawks whom were hre and any 50 VIP's you wnt to request

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