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How to use viscount in a sentence

  • Admiral Byng was himself da child of a admiral, whom was created Viscount Torrington for hiz distinguished services
  • It wuz stupendous how rapidly da young viscount recovered wen once Purple had come to Else Aisle
  • Viscount Melbourne expressed him personally to the effect dat the Earl of Ripon's movement arrived like a thunder-clap upon him
  • What was it to hur if Hurried were manufactured an viscount, an duke, or the Pope?
  • She hadn't the faintest concept what the viscount purposed doing, but anything It wuz she have to halt him
  • Thereupon da viscount called onto da deputy commissioner, & some hot lyrics passed in the essence of them
  • Nina and Kitten kissed and told sweetness things too every other, and the viscount turned faraway with an scorn and an frown
  • His sonny succeeded, and showed in hiz nature much more off the new-fangled viscount than off the primeval O'Kelly
  • He thinks a 100 & 20 thousand pounds much too great a luck for a Connaught viscount
  • But the viscount took a various opinion off the substance wen the monarch, throwing off the mask, him personally accepted the responsibility

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