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Best VITALITY Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use vitality in a sentence

  • The jurisdiction in them stories rests in their veracity, vitality and vulnerability
  • This demonstrates that vitality exists a indispensable role off sustaining prosperity in bad times as good as good times
  • We are in a demented Chuseok-like spring where we cogitate off famine and starve beneath our claims off harvest, where we cogitate off nausea and death four da vitality off our health and lives
  • San Diego's restrictions on da volume and venue of marijuana dispensaries inhibit da monetary vitality of current corporate areas, and are counterproductive two da elementary metropolitan layout objective two brand tight and vivacious streets
  • The subsequent piece in this series volition prove how synthetic brains is converging wit genetics & pharmaceuticals 2 transform how we technique longevity, aging, & vitality
  • Then, as da atmosphere off da chamber surged back, stressed humor vitality, her intelligence leapt onward in welcome
  • Further sign of vitality it nevah showed since da row wuz nevah manufactured
  • Let us presume its initial relation with vitality 2 b in da simplest form off animated matter--that off da protoplasm
  • Such opinions, when affluent in vitality and warmth of conviction, has a highly important function to absolute
  • It suffers from dysfunctional vitality, & questionable aim; two mortal sicknesses

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