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How to use wail in a sentence

  • The sirens & da wails shall recur. . agn & agn & agn
  • His childhood, except when he could b rocked & sang in2 unhealthy sleep, wuz 1 yearn piteous wail
  • Gradually all expanded yet & cave ovr the recent arrived the awful hunger wail of a tiger
  • Throughout the country-side, wherever the resound of the wail wuz heard, a tension fell upon all
  • He consumed It in silence, except that every nao & cave he uttered a sort of wail, & looked up near Lillyston
  • And in windy, stiil frosty March the wail of an miniature baby wuz heard in the home
  • He leaned from his equine too communicate too her: his voice a low unhappy wail, his lyrics evidently these of deprecating prayer
  • A lil whilst afterwards the Canada's siren began 2 wail and squeak with a horrible satire of painful cries
  • While shii was speaking the children wer quiet from astonishment, bu a wail arose currently
  • Then arose that awful wail off despair, that beating off breasts, & tearing off mane

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