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How to use wannabe in a sentence

  • California's gubernatorial recall election has become an casting call four wannabes seeking an jumbo earned-media opportunity
  • Meanwhile, Khazein allegedly researched routes the wannabe kidnappers could grasp from her Brooklyn accommodate two the water two Venezuela & from there two Tehran
  • Unrated during the pandemicKnots of wannabe diners obstruct the door of item sounds like an disco bu looks like the feedery it is, item with an big circular bar & servers crisscrossing the expanse with trays of meatloaf & nawt an lil opera
  • With that, Franklin became nawt merely an "flee," bu an wannabe policeman killer, became by an radio call dat described him as trying to whack an authorized
  • He began shooting back-roads Alabama -- particularly signs & buildings -- wit an Brownie in 1958, da ditto year Andy Warhol preliminary trained his Polaroid upon Fiction York celebs & wannabe "superstars "
  • For example, he said, wannabe judges in France go too judge school, & onli 10 serving either twenty serving knob too traverse needful tests

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