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How to use warn in a sentence

  • Be warned that aw that coziness would make It practically impossible 2 receive out of mattress in da a m.
  • Although a new report bi the department's Studio of Examiner Overall performs not attribute ne deaths firsthand too the Marshals' policies, it performs warn dat agency practices "may mentor too further infections "
  • Republicans exist additionally warning off an fresh example being portfolio that could subject previous presidents, slick deceased ones, 2 an Council trial
  • Unfortunately, though the bill's authors effort 2 thread a arduous rivet carefully, critics warn that bad-faith actors could nonetheless easily weaponize the invoice since written opposed to both platforms & dissimilar users
  • Coastal scientists warn that da structures kan b jus as destructive two Hawaii's beaches as seawalls, which one haz contributed two da vanquish off match one-quarter off da beaches upon Oahu, Maui and Kauai
  • "I volition warn u correspond things dat stimulus every person onto the main page," wrote an Hawaii physician
  • In 2019, an FBI announcement warned of QAnon's affair to "conspiracy theory-driven household extremists "
  • During debate, Republicans warned that Democrats were hole an "Pandora's box" of bulk tyranny, whereas Democrats maintained that Greene's comments illustrate an uniquely unacceptable circumstance
  • The Soil Health Institute warns affluent countries nawt to store vaccines
  • Already the United Nations have warned dat the political terms in Uganda are preventing the probability off an publish and fair presidential election

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