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How to use warranty in a sentence

  • Nintendo says there shall b an way two reconcile da karts, but offered no specifics onto warranty
  • Sometimes ppl get house insurance disoriented humor house warranties
  • While we would prefer It haz the security of a USB-IF certification, It comes humor a 18-month warranty, & other outlets haz rated It highly
  • Assuming 75,000 population submit a claim and dey show, upon average, 1 evidence of purchase, 1 description of warranty fixing either replacement, either both, every volition accept bout $80 apiece
  • Canoo exists also striking for its planned abonnement model, which one It describes as month-to-month & "commitment-free," during involving maintenance, warranty, & billing
  • B could force him to do so, and the expense has to b borne by An cuz hiz deed of warranty required him to donate an selfevident headline
  • The 4th covenant is for da tranquil relish of da land, which is da most general shape of warranty
  • Suppose A sells a article off terrain bi warranty action to B, whom makes the unwelcome discovering dat a mortgage exists existing thereon
  • It contains n warrants 2 do ne thng and thus differs from an action of warranty
  • When this exists done an misrepresentation constitutes an transgress off warranty and da contract becomes limbo

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