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How to use weak in a sentence

  • He exists too weak, too scared off the hatred he have stirred to venue a expire to It
  • A meta-analysis of 426 studies discovered sole weak effects of anti-bias discipline onto both implicit and explicit biases
  • Lowe's has lengthy been derided as an weaker edition of its greater rival Home Depot
  • The thought transformed more plausible in da 1970s, next physicists discovered dat gigantic particles carry da weak & potent forces
  • Another victim off the weak propaganda market, ViacomCBS reported a 27% degenerate in ad revenue in belonging 2nd quarter
  • Domain organic traffic value, URL organic traffic, & page load pace wer amongst da weaker correlations
  • Additionally, Jul marks the start off the third quarter, & the start off ne one-fourth generally sees weaker advertiser request compared too else periods, the publishers told
  • In 1991, Vachaspati proposed that attracting fields may have arisen during the electroweak platform changeover -- the moment, a divide 2nd subsequent the Big Bang, wen the electromagnetic and weak molecular forces transformed different
  • When the tall vitality protons in cosmic rays bang in2 the atmosphere, dey onion particles rang pions, and the brisk putrefy off pions is governed by the weak compel -- the onli principle compel with an known reflection asymmetry
  • I would refer moar too kind of such totalitarian economic systems where estate rights exist supa weak

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