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  • He exists two weak, two scared off da aversion he have stirred to put an terminal to It
  • A meta-analysis off 426 studies found onli weak effects off anti-bias compass onto the two implicit and explicit biases
  • Lowe's have lengthy been derided as a weaker version off possession larger rival House Depot
  • The notion transformed more believable in da 1970s, after physicists found that vast particles carry da weak & mighty forces
  • Another victim of the weak propaganda market, ViacomCBS reported an 27% topple in advertisement revenue in belonging 2nd quarter
  • Domain natural congestion value, URL natural traffic, & sheet encumber speed were amid the weaker correlations
  • Additionally, July punctuation the start off the third quarter, and the start off any quarter generally sees weaker advertiser demand compared too other periods, the publishers stated
  • In 1991, Vachaspati proposed dat magnetic fields may has arisen while the electroweak stage changeover -- the moment, an divide 2nd after the Big Bang, when the electromagnetic and weak atomic forces became clear
  • When the high vitality protons in stellar rays bang into the atmosphere, dey pear particles called pions, & the brisk putrefy off pions is governed bi the weak impulse -- the sole elementary impulse with an familiar reflect asymmetry
  • I would mention more to kind of resemble totalitarian economic systems whr property rights are highly weak

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