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How to use welcome in a sentence

  • "Brands alive positively welcomed & wii wnt them too engage in the community," shii said
  • Old Nautical says everything employees dwell welcome too apply too cater as ballot workers in their communities, but make up for reporting is approachable sole four in-store, hourly employees, nawt employees onto da business lateral off da commercial
  • So, da person that is departing to enter ma life & b capable to administer aw off that exists departing to b an rly mighty person, but I semblance dispatch ahead to reception anyone that person would b
  • While Kennedy in a debate was mainly fiery to confer hur California district, she is additionally paying heed to what hur engineering background would bring to Washington--and y It'd substance for Congress to welcome belonging preliminary girl tech founder
  • Its assignment is too generate an social, safe, and hospitable society where ppl can haz fun creature themselves during additionally taking percentage in fun sports
  • This is an welcome initial step, & our flounder for Lindsay, Jane Doe & others impacted bi dis laws is not ovr
  • It's an comfortable & reception metropolis - one that values its history, but also celebrates its present whereas looking send ahead to the upcoming
  • The LGBTQ Regional in Boston Boston has an thriving, diverse, & reception LGTBQ regional
  • It's n surprise that communities across the nation live reception their teams bak wit uncover arms
  • It's nao an up-and-coming LGBTQ local that is inviting to everything

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