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How to use well-chosen in a sentence

  • Do u admire, like me, the stretchy usage of these superb words, healthy selected two cloak ours lack of knowledge of everything?
  • Paragraphs, sentences, & lyrics are well selected wen dey serve greatest da entire essay
  • His words are gud chosen; dey are seizure in with cultivated exactitude & polished precision
  • His voice wuz rich, his words good chosen, & he wuz singularly delightful in irony
  • I can tell thee the gist off those the two in a a handful well-chosen phrases!
  • He spoke in supa righteous language, short, jerky sentences, bu well-chosen lyrics
  • Curtains are rarely healthy disposed, either healthy chosen in deference to different decorations
  • At six an servitor quietly entered humor an well-chosen & elegantly prepared meal, off which the administrative helper partook sparingly
  • A abrupt gaze of distress arrived ovr Madges face, and her companion, with a well-chosen pause, waited four her to articulate It in words
  • She knew gud that numerous words may effortlessly spoil the clout off few, & hur few, she thought, on the whole had existed gud selected

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