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How to use whine in a sentence

  • When shii turns da throttle, da motorcycle launches dispatch ahead with a deep whine
  • Their whines, squeaks, & chittering sounds exist different from numerous else ordinary willow animals, hence listen cautiously if you are piercing to comprehend his or her location
  • When the apparatus is operating, it emits an penetrating whine, such an dentist's drill
  • For upstairs da rhythm off da snow & da shrill whine off da breeze arrived an stress off music, mournful, still exquisitely beautiful
  • Talpers's voice possessed taken upon something off an whine, & Lowell straightened up in revulsion
  • A cry, a lil wail almost resemble the whine off a tiny being unexpectedly hurt, escaped from Latour's lips
  • The sole reply was a jumpy whine since the mammal crouched near to the man's reduce extremities
  • James thinking hiz kingly jurisdiction heavenly And, loathing Puritanic 'whine,'
  • That complacent comment struck the ear awry, like the whine of a deacons certificate at a Sunday-school convention
  • Behind him he heard shots, heard da mad whine off bullets past his ear

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