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How to use whisking in a sentence

  • Their abruptly angled bodies whisking bak toward the depleted uranium cells, four cats appeared humor shocking abruptness
  • Had demurred to It & existed routed wit hur toothbrush whisking about his or her ears, if rumor spoke true
  • By now da bullets were singing & whisking overhead, crackling wit vicious strain opposed to da trees & walls
  • By whisking the joss-sticks surrounding bi his either her floppy handles u can generate aw sorts of fiery circles
  • "We bestow tidy towels two them that knows the way two exploit 'em," stated Mandy, whisking wrathfully in2 da home
  • Little Anne instantly rose from the floor, and whisking in2 her chair, ready to resume her lesson with alacrity
  • And there had been total whisking of what somewhere, jus prior to Peggy had been seen to glare nearby one of the boys
  • At da initial peep I thinking da spot was full of colts, such a frisking and whisking was going on surrounding da door
  • Captain Bake have stated us bout your whisking hem owt hre dis evening
  • She picked up the gad anew & transmitted it whisking about the unclear flanks of the steers

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