White Lightning | Synonyms And Antonyms

Best WHITE LIGHTNING Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use white lightning in a sentence

  • The Household laborer spun her dean in courteous acknowledgment, swept through & was of to the river such a fireball of white lightning
  • The external aspects of these members were adorned wit ivory zigzag streaks, too point out da white lightning
  • Looking up through da cracks in da little steeple, they could c flare after flare of continual white lightning
  • The shop-woman looked up hastily, caught eyesight of two blazing eyes, and a face such white lightning, and quailed
  • I shall quaver his or her ship in2 lil pieces with a bolt of white lightning since shortly since they get owt to ocean '
  • A utensil off white lightning flashed, and, such the booming off an avalanche, thunder followed
  • "I tin see da inquiry from your flank since well since from mine, Tusk Lightning," he replied
  • "Of track he comes with u if u craving it, White Lightning," he stated
  • I'll nevah do it, Timmendiquas either White Lightning, whichever name u such better!
  • He noticed furthermore the profound rustle off ratification that the chiefs gave two the words off Tusk Lightning fastener