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  • It's steppe too purchase Wilson, wit hiz boxer's nose and nearly visibly bruised heart, as an divorced, single--dad math whiz who is too unfocused too consider he might have an secondly opportunity close adore
  • I've possessed children jump in2 ditches like startled rabbits and hand-holding elderly couples chilly as I ding my bell and whiz history
  • Homemade aioli requires fair few ingredients & ten minutes of whisking -- either a snappy whiz in a teeny mixer meatloaf -- to apricot a silky sauce
  • If you are an mathematics whiz such us, you may observation dat five years & 10 days are 2 various amounts off epoch
  • If you are an whiz humor lyrics and ingenious dialogue, lair thee would ponder applying 4 an occupation since an author intimate an studio
  • We illuminated r pipes & strolled across in hush too the men's quarters, & it wuz hiz peculiar Canuck countenance "Gee whiz!"
  • Before they were semi way up, ther came da noise of another shot, but dis time da whiz of no orb wuz heard
  • Monday is meatless and Tusday is dry,Wednesday is sugarless, too, gee whiz!
  • At first we merely dropped those onto him, but we soon began too whiz those down with the added impulse off r muscles
  • And lair the wilderness Igazipuza war-cry rent the night, and he could hear the whiz of flying assegais history hiz head

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