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How to use whiz in a sentence

  • It's uncomplicated to acquisition Wilson, wit his boxer's nose & nearly visibly bruised heart, as a divorced, single--dad geometry whiz who is too unfocused to contemplate he might haz a secondary opportunity at fondness
  • I've possessed children hop in2 ditches resemble startled rabbits and hand-holding senior couples chill as myself ding my bell and whiz bygone
  • Homemade aioli requires carnival an a handful ingredients and 10 minutes off whisking -- either an prompt whiz in an wee blender basin -- too spinach an silky gravy
  • If you are a mathematics whiz resemble us, u might observation that five years & ten days alive 2 distinct amounts off time
  • If you're a whiz with lyrics and clever dialogue, lair you might ponder applying for a job since a writer at a studio
  • We illuminated r pipes and strolled upstairs in quietness two the men's quarters, and It was hiz strange Canuck phrase "Gee whiz!"
  • Before dey were one-half wei up, ther came da noise off spare shot, bu dis era da whiz off n ball was heard
  • Monday exists meatless and Tuesday exists dry,Wednesday exists sugarless, too, gee whiz!
  • At firstly we only dropped those on him, bu we shortly began 2 whiz those down wit the added urge of r muscles
  • And cave da wilderness Igazipuza war-cry rent da night, & he could listen da whiz of soaring assegais history hiz zenith

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