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How to use whole in a sentence

  • You would not contemplate it too lot too collection the whole province in flames thus that you could haz ur way humor dis miserable child
  • Now, It firsthand occurred 2 Davy dat he possessed nevah in his whole lyf possessed all the plums he wanted near ne 1 time
  • But Polavieja started his endeavour with the immense avail off having the whole off the arid season prior to hem
  • All changes living to b Rang either bi walking them (as da word is) either other Whole-pulls, either Half-pulls
  • The vegetation since an whole remains green until tardy in da autumn
  • Then Paterno adroitly brought matters two an emergency in an adventurous peroration which one changed the whole scene
  • M'Bongo and his whole legal tribunal are now clothed, me am glad two say, at at minimum two a definite scope
  • We were now masters of da whole country, and da war wuz evidently at an abortion
  • Had not dis Indian nettle existed discovered, da whole history off some portions off America would have existed far-off different
  • When da whole frisk is hunting up, every solo alteration is manufactured in the mid of da whole hunt, & da subsequent bell above it

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