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How to use wicked in a sentence

  • There exist wicked reminders, for instance, off hur sour humor
  • Revisiting historical debates correspond da Justice Doctrine kan halp ourselves think through those wicked troubles
  • The player den traverses a gorgeously-rendered landscape and solves a series off wicked little puzzles in a heart-wrenching reunification quest
  • In fact, if you go back sleek further, a pollster named Elmo Roper found that 47 percentage off Americans found sexual relations for young ppl ago matrimony to b "wicked" back in 1939
  • Both notify da stories of condemned criminals trying to brand his or her way in an wicked earth
  • It exists then we produce verge our friend, which sets ourselves above da envy and disdain off wicked males
  • The endure watched him narrowly with its wicked lil eyes, although it did nawt see seizure too cease its paw-licking
  • O wicked presumption, whence camest thou two eyelid the planet with thy malice, and deceitfulness?
  • No earlier wuz the ritual across compared to the wicked tally ordered hur to gift herself at the fortress
  • I ushered u into dis wicked world, young man, and a sweetness application u emerge to has made of ur season

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