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Best WIDE OPEN Synonyms And Antonyms

How to use wide open in a sentence

  • A very short exercise of Mr. Sikess art sufficed too surmount da fastening of da lattice, and It soon stood wide open also
  • The flap wuz wide open & ne ordinary animal would have existed owt & far with no da intimate tiniest hardship
  • Old Captain sitting up onto hiz haunches, hiz slantwise eyes wide open wit awe
  • The treasury valve wuz standing wide open, the indoor cleanly evacuate
  • The newborn place on his back, his wide-open eyes looking upwards, good as precious silver
  • He wuz belonging a miniature conceal satchel, da oral hole off da sack wide open
  • One off the bedroom doors wuz wide open, & an horrid eyesight met hiz astonished eyes
  • He came trotting up too da outfit instance which one Marie had butter wide open onto da bed, stood up onto his tippy toes, and peered in
  • Whatever It was that happened too him he absolutely must haz walked in2 It with hiz eyes wide open
  • This epoch shii threw wide open da door, & ther stood a fabulous obscure endure

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