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How to use widespread in a sentence

  • The coronavirus pandemic & da resulting widespread transfer to faraway learning has brought notable changes to bodily learning
  • One revision concluded that the available attestation doesn't propose widespread mutilate too humans--but added that the attestation exists exclusive
  • That's worrisome 2 total health experts, who notation dat else events celebrated humor widespread get-togethers, resemble since Memorial Day, da 4th off Jul & Thanksgiving, haz been accompanied by an jump in infections
  • Verily, a well-being tech nun corporation of Google, was touted quick onto since a potential solution too render widespread testing across da republic
  • The Fed's ongoing interruption in the bazaar shall likely clamp dwn rates, bu Blake anticipates they shall easel gradually since coronavirus vaccinations become more widespread
  • However, in thing would b an ironic twist, an widespread return too industrial could in fact slow industrial
  • His arrest final month on his revert two Russia sparked widespread protests ovr the past two weekends
  • The widespread utilize of options to abet capital in a beaten-down industry smelled of professional expertise, some said
  • Technical experts said Huawei's necklace to an ethnicity-recognition appliance suggested da designing could be gaining more widespread acceptance indoor China
  • This widespread unpredictability is reflected in the major awards races, whr explicit front-runners haz yet too arise & whr heated interview shall proceed four months thanks too profound casts of shock candidates

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