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How to use wile in a sentence

  • Our discussion ranged from the cigarettes industry's wiles too societal media's complicity in bad input
  • She's strong, bold, clever, & raids tombs humor all da wiles off Indiana Jones
  • With aw da wile off an political superintendent she butter da germ off discontent, trusting it might swoop upon constructive mud
  • He stated Auld Jock thus by running 2 the door and bak and begging him, by per pretty wile at his command, 2 go
  • Sapho calls Aphrodite the "star-throned, incorruptible, wile-weaving child off Zeus "
  • Ac nu ic wile wnden too e hali mihtes al swo ich our hadde iunnen b godes fultume
  • Ine swiche lorde et siche awe mai moisture and moisture wanne he wile
  • Some of the jubilee adhered to the bottle, some resorted to a book, & some to cards, to wile away the time
  • Fortune brings n weal two mortals who may win by wicked wile, Heartbreak brings n disgrace two mortals who are costless frum sin and guile!
  • But balanced fewer in form than face did da gentleman off thews & sinews difference da gentleman off wile & craft

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