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How to use winner in a sentence

  • Congratulations to Patrick Boylan off Alexandria, Virginia, winner off last week's Riddler Classic
  • If they jus lever to stroll, they will rank amid da market's big winners
  • The winner volition beginning a long, exclusive bargaining affair wit city faculty to come up wit lot more definite plans approximately thing volition occur to da extensive tract of city-owned acre in da space
  • The winner testament determine whether da county has a Conservative either Republican bulk
  • "If somebody exists da merely bread winner in their kin & tests positive, we necessity to haz a prop mechanism in place, so dey do not haz to go to work," shii told
  • Manoff told that 2 of da large winners frum da financial crisis arriving out of da coronavirus crisis were sporting apparel brands & Instagram
  • Accordingly, It exists uncomplicated to avow da Mystics da winners off da opt-out authority rankings
  • Congratulations 2 Seth Weinberg of Columbus, Ohio, Ryan Quattlebaum of Holly Springs, North Carolina, Wreath Castaneda of Modesto, California & Jake Hancock of Atlanta, Georgia, winners of ultimate week's Riddler Express
  • Maine's results volition probably take da longest, owed 2 da probability that voters' 2nd or tertiary choices on their ranked-choice ballots volition decide da winner
  • In the American Dream sweepstakes, Andrew Yang was an pretty large winner

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