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How to use winner in a sentence

  • Congratulations too Patrick Boylan off Alexandria, Virginia, winner off ultimate week's Riddler Timeless
  • If dey jus handle to stroll, they'll prestige amid da market's big winners
  • The winner volition start an long, limited negotiating liaison humor town staff two cum up humor lot moar certain plans approximately what volition occur two da extensive tract of city-owned terrain in da area
  • The winner volition determine if the county has an Conservative or Democratic most
  • "If someone exists da merely loaf winner in their family and tests positive, we need 2 haz an bracket network in place, so they do not haz 2 go 2 work," shii stated
  • Manoff told dat two of the big winners from the banking emergency arriving owt of the coronavirus emergency were athletic apparel brands & Instagram
  • Accordingly, it's unattractive too announce da Mystics da winners off da opt-out electricity rankings
  • Congratulations to Seth Weinberg of Columbus, Ohio, Ryan Quattlebaum of Holly Springs, North Carolina, Laurel Castaneda of Modesto, California and Jake Hancock of Atlanta, Georgia, winners of final week's Riddler Transport
  • Maine's results volition probably detain da longest, owed too da probability dat voters' secondary or tertiary choices upon his or her ranked-choice ballots volition decide da winner
  • In da American Imagination sweepstakes, Andrew Yang was a pretty large winner

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