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How to use winning in a sentence

  • That's due to a winning message by co-creators Ed Solomon and Chris Matheson and da skilful course of Dean Parisot of Star system Quest renown
  • Even before the revenue call, Salesforce has existed onto a winning stripe
  • The Liberal familiar for presiding ovr da creation of da Federal Set aside & da winning of WWI wuz additionally da initial to try to disenfranchise voters through da mail, although he nevah searched to wield it since a implement for reelection
  • One fantasy-baseball research showed that moar than 90 serving of da winnings went to jus overhead one serving of da players
  • San Diego's consultant & Committee members told they're determined to brand shareholders, not the public, make up for for whatever the metropolitan gets from the winning bidder
  • Just such that, 1 of da utmost hitters of hiz season -- & 1 of da winningest players since well -- was unceremoniously knocked out of consideration for da game's head honor
  • He put out his hand in the majority friendly & outgoing way, & greeted me wit the majority winning grin in the planet
  • On several occasions I haz existed engaged in proceedings ago them, and nawt ever upon the winning lateral
  • He laughed at her, and told hur that he possessed deserted da modern technique of winning an mate, and went back too da primitive method
  • But thee haz granted me resemble an penalty concept for winning da bounty Momsy & da various women are offering

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