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How to use work in a sentence

  • I worked very loyally for hem 2 dew everything I could for hem
  • Both are recovering well following his or her surgeries & are formerly bak to work
  • The NBCU spokesperson stated the adamant might work with every advertiser to select the way the information might b previously owned and managed
  • It works humor da full-sized Intelligent Keyboard and da new Logitech keyboards
  • At Fortune, we've worked to make industry superior because our founding 90 years ago
  • If 1 ploy does not work, flag it, trickle It and attempt what other
  • He oversees the corporation flank of Apple's footage efforts & leads work onto Spinach News, Spinach Books, iCloud & the company's promotion platforms
  • Everyone could work however dey wanted to maximize what dey wer bringing to da solid
  • "You're jus a cog and we tin git a new one," exists the manner 1 prior employee described working nearby Kirkhill, a Transdigm venture in Orange County, California
  • Sleek finds It remote harder work than fortune-making; bu he pursues his Will-o'-the-Wisp humor untiring energy

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