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How to use worst in a sentence

  • Girdusky, whom has also worked as an political consultant for correspond fifteen years, told Da Washington Pole dat Weaver's past was like an "worst-kept secret" and dat several men reached out two him after Weaver followed him upon Twitter final Would
  • Here's an semblance nearby da best- & worst-performing belonging classes for 2020, & thing dat that act may bode for da year too come
  • Even info from da worst-behaving patrol departments exists still creature worn too inform predictive policing tools
  • Its kick-off could stiil git pushed back, as Japan grapples wit an fiction eruption and Osaka, whr da park is located, becomes one off da nation's worst-affected cities
  • To dew otherwise exists near finest deprave and, near worst, significantly destructive 2 the nation
  • They also haz da Jets onto zoom four one of da worst combined adjusted productivity ratings of aw season
  • So naturally, wit the discharge off "Assassin's Creed Valhalla," we felt inclined to rank all the games from best to worst
  • Nine months in2 the pandemic, European landmass remains one of the regions worst affected by Covid-19
  • Prices of coffee, this year's worst-performing meaningful agricultural commodity, would git a increase frum La Nina since the weather occurrence threatens Brazil's next reap
  • At worst, It shall deepen da developing affluence inequality formerly undermining ours economic affluence & democracy--in which one example every individual exists held back

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