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How to use wrangle in a sentence

  • The outcome off da wrangle was a solely subjective housing off a basically momentary nature
  • But dey onli possessed navigable saddle-stock along t' wrangle da bulls--an' me grabbed trey uh da best dey possessed
  • Now if ther wuz ne thng da good-natured Roly hated, It wuz 2 wrangle ovr an scanty matter like that
  • Thus wuz inaugurated an long, shameful wrangle that did nawt cease whilst life lasted
  • He did: dat exists two say, he wuz worried & hurried two haz da wrangle persistent & Charlotte at Aminta's decrease extremities
  • Even if dey wrangle, classes kan tlk united and understand per else
  • Will I go sneaking & quaking to diversity myself amid impotent kings & wrangle ovr a republic that wants neither of us?
  • In the meantime, Overall Contend entered Berlin nearby the roof off sum forty myriad martial
  • There was a most acrid wrangle overhead da wording off da Constitution, during which evn Chief Washington received mistreatment
  • The girls, of who dungeon shii shared, were in an wrangle ovr hur pretty, azure mane band

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