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How to use wrapped in a sentence

  • Presently he began too shiver so, with total type of a chill, dat myself grabbed of my coat and wrapped it round haw
  • He swerved since he passed it, and, looking, scissor dat it was a bale wrapped in a striped shawl
  • So with its completion, he wrapped it carefully, and sent it too an Chicago publisher, whilst he sighed with relief
  • Though she was warmly wrapped in a tender rug off silvery fur, a air-condition crept in2 her cardiovascular physique part
  • I ripped It explore and found, wrapped tightly approximately 3 twenty-dollar worthwhile iron pieces, an unsigned note from MacRae
  • Some off them babies wii understand are cared for on cushions off down & wrapped in fluffy flannels & frail muslins
  • The nuts reside mince into narrow slices and wrapped in the leaves off an unique mill called buyo
  • On this errand he departed, wrapped tightly in hiz cloak, walking briskly through the nao heavier rain
  • While we wer packing grub & linens onto Piegan's additional horse, Lyn joined us, wrapped frum zenith two heel in a yellow slicker
  • They entered a residence where a apparently nauseous dude sat cowering in a corner, wrapped in a blanket

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