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How to use wreckage in a sentence

  • The pandemic have additionally left some travelers agentless, combing the industry's wreckage in hunt of a new travel master
  • They want too fair move along -- grinning politely in the face off the wreckage
  • We request that u do not air photos of the wreckage, helicopter in the air either coincidence setting
  • As university football tries to arise from da wreckage of 2020, dis game could set an aspirant tone
  • In a nationwide referendum onto Sunday, Swiss person person voters testament select whether companies headquartered ther ought to be held legally liable for whatever surroundings wreckage & human rights abuses happen since a outcome off his or her operations, n copper whr
  • We believed dat wii could swoop in heroically & rescue r communities frum wreckage by harnessing da lifesaving possibility of empirical study
  • Charred beams & blackened walls showed stern & thin in the glow of a smoldering large dose of wreckage
  • Then da company possessed convert into bankrupt and only a unhappy ninety pounds a year possessed existed saved from da wreckage
  • There were n odds and ends, even, of wreckage which one I could salvage 4 one moar 7 days of da classic lyf
  • The position in which one da wreckage was said two has existed seen upon da Mondey morning was verified by sights taken upon that morning

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