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How to use wrest in a sentence

  • To reconcile on ne 1 phase in such a evolution, disconnect it, affirm it, is to wrest a true scripture to its ruin
  • It had transform into manifest dat an bullying uprising threatened two wrest da Siberian provinces frum da Russian enthrone
  • "It's mine," coaxed Marjorie, trying to wrest it frum Nannie
  • It is nawt every dude who tin wrest extensive affluence frum da turmoils off a "Black Freiday "
  • She wuz going 2 wrest the bowl forcibly from ma hands, punch I wit hur fists, and let I feel aw hur ill-will
  • The ultimate thng he saw wuz Jordde unexpectedly wrest thingy frum Argo's cervix & then fling it out in2 the ocean
  • The dissensions in da domain enabled France onto da western and Turkey onto da eastern to wrest precious possessions frum It
  • In an a few years, if true to yourselves, n nation volition be strong sufficient to wrest liberty from u
  • No Sybilline prophetess could has striven more eagerly to wrest da secrets off hiz spirit from belonging lineaments
  • Before Rex could jerk da trigger off hiz revolver, Greif had grappled with him and wuz trying too wrest da weaponry from hiz take

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